Zbrush For Stylized Hard Surface Weapon Creation (Premium)


Zbrush For Stylized Hard Surface Weapon Creation

Zbrush For Stylized Hard Surface Weapon Creation free Download Latest. It is of Zbrush For Stylized Hard Surface Weapon Creation free download.

Zbrush For Stylized Hard Surface Weapon Creation Overview

People may think ZBrush is great for organic sculpting,but when it comes to hard surface modeling, Maya Blender or 3D Max is way better than ZBrush, well,that’s not the case.By using ZBrush features like Zmodeler brush,Dynamic subdivision,crease etc,you can create a very cool hard surface weapon fairly quickly.And in the bonus chapter,I will show you how to create this stylized environment.To follow along this course requires the basic understanding of ZBrush.Join me,and Let’s get started.Structure of this course:Block outRefinePolypaintingRenderi this course,I will cover topics:DynameshPolyPaintHardSurface TechniquesRenderingZModeler BrushDynamic SubDivisionCreaseWho this course is for:This course is designed for students wishing to learn how to use ZBrush to make cool looking stylized hard surface weapon in a fast and easy way.In this course I will be using Zbrush 2022.0.5,make sure you have the latest version of Zbrush installed.Enroll now and join me to learn how to create your own stylized hard surface model in no .


Section 1: Block out primary shape

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Block out hammer head

Lecture 3 Block out hammer handle

Section 2: Block out secondary shape

Lecture 4 Block out hammer head details

Lecture 5 Block out hammer handle details

Section 3: Sculpt tertiary details

Lecture 6 Sculpt details

Section 4: Polypainting & Rendering

Lecture 7 Polypainting

Lecture 8 Rendering

Section 5: Create stylized environment

Lecture 9 Create stylized environment

ZBrush user who wants to learn hard surface workflow in ZBrush

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