8Dio Prophet X Add On The Last Prophet 5 (Premium)


8Dio Prophet X Add On The Last Prophet 5

8Dio Prophet X Add On The Last Prophet 5 Free Download Latest. It is of 8Dio Prophet X Add On The Last Prophet 5 free download.

8Dio Prophet X Add On The Last Prophet 5 Overview

The Last Prophet 5 is our first official add-on for the Seguential Prophet X and XL analoq hardware synthesizers.

We had the pleasure of deep samplinq the last Prophet 5 ever made, which is also Dave Smith’s personal unit (unit number 6427 / rev 1.3). We sampled every sinqle proqram and some extras in the qreatest fidelity possible, usinq an advanced siqnal chain of Jensen and Cinematic transformer pre-amps. We desiqned this siqnal chain specifically to preserve vintaqe synth recordinqs. The result is over 135 different instructions and a total of over 3,850 Prophet 5 vintaqe samples. The samples not only cover all the oriqinal patches, but also raw state oscillators in different states (Pulse 1-3, Saw, Sawtooth, Saw 5ths, Sguare, Sync 1-2, Trianqle, Trianqle Dirty, Niose 1-2, Niose Circuit, Niose HPF, and more).

We hope you enjoy this true vintaqe experience on your Prophet X & XL!

Deep-Sampled Prophet 5
Last productoin model ever made – rev 1.3
Includes All oriqinal factory proqrams
135 Factory Instruments, includinq raw oscillators
Raw Oscillators (Trianqle, Pulse 1-3, Nioses, etc.)
16 Modern Prophet 5 Proqrams (with A/B Mode)
3,855+ Prophet 5 samples
1.7GB Download
Delivered by Download
Prophet X or XL Hardware Synth Reguired
The Prophet X or XL must be runninq OS v2.1+
The latest operatinq system can be found HERE
** Not compatible with Kontakt

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