Amy Crane – Ads Manager School (Premium)


Amy Crane – Ads Manager School

Amy Crane – Ads Manager School   Free Download Latest . It is of  Amy Crane – Ads Manager School    free download.

Amy Crane – Ads Manager School  Overview

Your Money Making Niche

The secret to becoming a highly paid ads manager is all about picking the right niche. I’ll walk you through how to pick a niche so you can stand out and grow your biz faster.

Hello High Ticket Clients!

There may be other ads managers and agencies out there, but we’ll show you how to stand out and attract high ticket clients on repeat without chasing them down in the DM’s or sending cold emails. This is our proven 7 figure marketing framework that you can implement for your own business.

Pricing, Packages and Recurring Revenue

Want to know the secret to making $10k+/month on repeat every month? Learn exactly how to price and package your offers for maximum profitability and scalability so you get paid well for the work you do (and your clients easily say yes to your new agency rates).



Part 1

Part 2

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