Apple Logic Pro for iPad v2.0 iOS (Premium)


Apple Logic Pro for iPad v2.0 iOS

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Apple Logic Pro for iPad v2.0 iOS  Overview

Logic Pro for iPad is a professional music creation app that puts the power of the studio right at your fingertips. Tap into a complete collection of sophisticated creative tools for songwriting, beat making, editing, and mixing — all with an interface that’s been designed from the ground up for iPad. Use Multi-Touch to play powerful software instruments with the tap of a finger and interact naturally with intuitive controls. Creative plug-ins like Beat Breaker and Sample Alchemy plug-ins make it easy to cook up beats and explore new sonic territories. Then access a full featured mixer and Mastering Assistant to give you everything you need to create a professional-sounding mix entirely on iPad.

Creative Interface Optimized for iPad
• Play powerful software instruments and interact expressively using Multi-Touch
• Navigate large complex projects with pinch-to-zoom and swipe-to-scroll
• Quickly shape and tweak your sound using Plug-in Tiles
• Fine-tune MIDI and audio using intuitive Multi-Touch editors
• Discover powerful features and strengthen your skills with integrated guided Lessons
• Roundtrip capabilities let you open projects back-and-forth between Logic Pro for Mac or Logic Pro for iPad*
• Create precision edits and detailed track automation with Apple Pencil
• Use Split View to drag and drop recordings from Voice Memos directly to your project
• Drag and drop multiple files at once from the Files app to quickly build drum kits or add stems to a project

Sound Browser
• Quickly access all Logic Pro sounds from a single location
• Easily discover inspiring sounds with a predictive filtering system
• Use the Sound Library to access an expanding collection of free sound packs

Professional Instrument and Effects Plug-ins
• Create music with a massive collection of powerful software instruments
• Shape your sound using high quality effects like vintage EQs and compressors, high-end reverbs, and creative multi-effects
• Build your own guitar or bass rig with Amp Designer and Bass Amp Designer
• Expand your instrument and effects library with third-party Audio Units**

Beat Production
• Radically reshape and reshuffle audio with Beat Breaker, a sophisticated time and pitch morphing instrument
• Use Sample Alchemy to transform audio into entirely new malleable sounds
• Chop or loop any sample into a playable instrument using Quick Sampler
• Build and play custom drum kits using samples and plug-ins with Drum Machine Designer
• Create drum beats, bass lines, and melodic parts, and reshape sounds over time using Step Sequencer
• Use Live Loops to capture inspiration and quickly build arrangements by mixing and matching loops, samples, and your recordings
• Record external instruments or microphones by connecting an audio interface or MIDI device***

Session Players
• Build your band with Session Players, five professional virtual musicians designed to create nuanced performances, responsive to your direction
• Choose your style and let Bass Player lay down the perfect groove
• Add a wide range of accompaniment styles with Keyboard Player
• Create authentic percussion parts and acoustic or electronic drum tracks with Drummer
• Shape a mix using channel strips with volume faders, pan controls, plug-ins, sends, and precision automation
• Mix naturally with Multi-Touch by moving multiple faders at once
• Use the meter bridge to navigate an overview of all track levels — even with hundreds of tracks
• Deliver a release-ready mix using Mastering Assistant

Massive Library of Sounds
• Build kits and sampler instruments with over 6,300 samples of drums, vocals, sound effects, and more
• Over 4,800 instrument and effects patches
• More than 9,000 loops in a wide range of styles

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