Blackout Music NL Black Sun Empire Blackout Sample Pack 003 (Premium)


Blackout Music NL Black Sun Empire Blackout Sample Pack 003

Blackout Music NL Black Sun Empire Blackout Sample Pack 003   Free Download Latest . It is of Blackout Music NL Black Sun Empire Blackout Sample Pack 003   free download.

Blackout Music NL Black Sun Empire Blackout Sample Pack 003 Overview

With this series of sample packs label owners Black Sun Empire want to make it easier for producers, both at beginner and advanced levels, to come closer to the sound that Blackout is known and respected for. Producing any kind of music is hard enough as it is, but perhaps this kind of drum’n’bass has over the years reached technical levels that are hard to achieve without a little help. Of course sample packs can be seen as an easy way to get a quick result, but we hope it will inspire people to push the envelope even further with the proper tools in hands. For this a proper understanding of what came before is needed and maybe a small glimpse of where things are headed. Up to you to look at both and shape yours and our future.

BLACK SUN EMPIRE Having written 6 albums and celebrating their 20 year anniversary, these guys know what a good sample needs. Their sound has evolved over the years, but the recognizable core elements are still there: dark atmospheres, growling basses and rattling drums. After their contribution to our first sample pack, we had to ask them for more, and the delivered..

EMPEROR Known for his original sound for both his Emperor and Monuman projects, combined with his experience in creating sample packs with Centra, we had to ask him for this one. His sounds invite you to either use them as they are, or apply more processing and multiply Emperors creativity with your own.

MALUX Also known under his Skope moniker, Malux has received a lot of admiration and praise for his sound design over the years. Bass sounds that seemed impossible to create come out of his speakers, and now yours. Tweak them to your own taste and style with his advanced Serum presets. From harmonic basses to punchy drums and lively top loops; you’ll want to use it all.

REDPILL Having released a series of EPs on Blackout this years alone, many have wondered ‘how does he do it?’ He lets you in on the secret with these samples and presets. His signature sound clean drums, the crunchy basses, euphoric melodies and something else he’s good at: guitar loops!

531 24 bit 44.1kHz WAV samples and loops, with 30 Serum preset patches & 10 Surge patches


More than 500 Samples & loops
All in Wav
44.1 kHz / 24 BIT
Royalty Free
Made by a team of renowned Drum & Bass producers


44 Kicks
49 Snares
24 Hihats & Percussion hits
46 Drumloops
55 Drumlayer loops
55 Bass Hits
54 Bass loops
35 Synth stabs
52 Synth loops
55 Fx hits
47 Fx loops
15 Bonus guitar loops


30 Serum patches
10 Surge patches

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