Brandon Li – The iPhone Filmmaker (Premium)


Brandon Li – The iPhone Filmmaker

Brandon Li – The iPhone Filmmaker   Free Download Latest . It is of Brandon Li – The iPhone Filmmaker   free download.

Brandon Li – The iPhone Filmmaker  Overview

If you own an iPhone, you have what you need to make your first film!

We’ll go step by step through the making of a mini martial arts action movie, and you can look over my shoulder through the entire process. You’ll learn the basic technical skills you need to get the best image from your phone’s camera. You’ll also learn basic filmmaking skills like framing, directing actors, and designing a scene.

You’ll even get to see how I improvise and adapt when things don’t go according to plan. Then I’ll teach you each step of the editing process, from importing footage to editing, sound fx and music, and finally rendering for the best quality.

If you’ve always wanted to make your own high-quality videos but all you have is a phone and a computer, this video is for you. The best way to start learning is to use the gear you’ve got – and that’s exactly what this course will teach.



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