CGBoost – Robotic Planet (Premium)


CGBoost – Robotic Planet

CGBoost – Robotic Planet   Free Download Latest . It is of  CGBoost – Robotic Planet   free download.

CGBoost – Robotic Planet  Overview

Struggling with the complexities of creating hard-surface models in Blender?
That is why we created our comprehensive Robotic Planet course for Blender, designed to equip you with time saving and essential skills for everything hard-surface, all using free tools.
This course is not only informative, but also fun to follow, by focusing on the best workflows for individual artists.
You will learn to create two robots from scratch, by going through robot ideation, modeling, material creation, rigging, animation, rendering and much more.
By the end of the course, you will have created your own captivating robot animations, along with having gained the knowledge to tackle your own hard-surface projects.


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