Goran Grooves Handy Drums Producer Collection LR (Premium)


Goran Grooves Handy Drums Producer Collection LR

Goran Grooves Handy Drums Producer Collection LR  Free Download Latest . It is of  Goran Grooves Handy Drums Producer Collection LR  free download.

Goran Grooves Handy Drums Producer Collection LR Overview

With stunning drum sound, mix-ready right out of the box, Handy Drums are the most practical, professional virtual drum instruments for your recording project.

When the deadline is near, but you need realistic-sounding, professional-quality drum tracks for your project, Handy Drums got your back.


Spend the time creating music instead of trying to make a usable drum sound. Achieving a great drum sound takes a significant amount of time, even when you are highly skilled for the task and have a quality drum recording to begin with.

We invested hours upon hours painstakingly editing and carefully mixing drums from multitrack recordings, so you don’t have to.

With just the right blend of close mics, overheads, and room mics, expertly sculpted for a robust, punchy, natural-sounding drum set, it will sit right into your mix!


Load the drum plugin, drop in your favorite midi drum groove, and bam!- you are ready to groove! We did the heavy lifting for you—a finished drum sound right out of the box. You are free to focus on the musical aspects of the drum track.
Make the tweaks using the intuitive interface.


Drum sounds behind the hit drum machine are here for your DAW!

Goran Rista, the producer of Handy Drums, used the same recording and production techniques he did for BeatBuddy’s original drumsets, an award-winning, best-selling drum machine.

The revered drum sounds that have made the BeatBuddy such a hit with live performers are now available in their expanded versions for your recording needs.

Installers included:
• Flamenco Percussion
• Jazz Standard
• John Bonham Style
• Latin Percussion
• Mallets
• Metal Standard
• Pop Brushes
• Power Rock
• Reggae Standard
• Retro Custom
• Rock Standard
• Studio Legend
• Studio Standard
• Vintage Standard
• World Percussion


Number of plugins: 15
Size: 9GB
Formats: VST/Standalone

Producer: Goran Rista

never gonna give up
have a good enjoyment, always rockin’ and fired!
support the developers if you like the software!
LR – LifeRockers

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