JTC Marco Sfogli Welcome to Ooglyworld TUTORiAL (Premium)


JTC Marco Sfogli Welcome to Ooglyworld

JTC Marco Sfogli Welcome to Ooglyworld   Free Download Latest . It is of rJTC Marco Sfogli Welcome to Ooglyworld free download.

JTC Marco Sfogli Welcome to Ooglyworld  Overview

JTC is proud to present the official transcriptions and backings for Marco’s incredible album, Welcome to Ooglyworld. A musical treat for the soul from a titan of the game.

Marco Sfogli delivers his fourth solo album. A riotous and emotional ride that’s packed with his signature fusion of melodic phrasing and ferocious soloing. Learn every note with official tab/notation, as well as backings.

What’s it about?
Your chance to learn every note of Welcome to Ooglyworld, with 100% artist-approved transcriptions, as well as exclusive backing tracks.

Challenge yourself with the prog-anthem, “2020” or get reflective with Marco’s ode to his father in “Our Lives”. Within the walls of this album, there is a festival of creative colour and nostalgia, and this is your best way to get involved.

It is an album filled to the rafters with melodic phrases, finger-twisting licks and emotionally charged highs and lows. And you’re going to learn it.

Note: This album features standard tuning as well as Drop D. One song uses B Standard (7-string)


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