Landscape Editing Tutorial Mega Bundle (Premium)


Landscape Editing Tutorial Mega Bundle

Landscape Editing Tutorial Mega Bundle   Free Download Latest . It is of  Landscape Editing Tutorial Mega Bundle    free download.

Landscape Editing Tutorial Mega Bundle  Overview

This bundle includes seven start-to finish processing videos, in which you’ll watch me edit 14 different images!

Included in this Bundle:

Monumental Trees
The Dark Forest
Twilight Seascapes
Mountain Landscapes
Northern Lights
Ghostly Mountains
Glowing Mushrooms

What Will I Learn?
This is my entire workflow for a Dark Forest shot. In two videos, we will cover:

Getting great results in both overcast conditions and shooting high dynamic range images against the light.

Separating autumn colors.

Blending sunstars.

Handling HDR, direct sunlight and over-exposed skies and blending exposures in the forest (and their necessity).

Focus stacking.

Dodging & burning in many ways (pick an approach that I show you like!).

Warping and cropping to manipulate composition.

Leading the eye by darkening and brightening selectively.

Sharpening (input, mid-stage and output sharpening for the web).

Leveraging moody light effects such as Orton Effect, Light Bleed and Diffuse Light without sacrificing depth or sharpness.

Applying negative Clarity and Dehaze to make a dreamy effect.

Setting a dark mood, reminiscent of movies like the Lord of the Rings


Part 1

Part 2

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