Realitone RealiBanjo v3.0 KONTAKT (Premium)


Realitone RealiBanjo v3.0 KONTAKT
Realitone RealiBanjo v3.0 KONTAKT   Free Download Latest . It is of Realitone RealiBanjo v3.0 KONTAKT   free download.

Realitone RealiBanjo v3.0 KONTAKT Overview


RealiBanjo is a Kontakt library which includes an intuitive Pattern Player and unique animated GUI (The graphics dance when patterns are played).

Notes can be played normally as with any other Kontakt sample instrument, but RealiBanjo’s Pattern Player also allows the user to play chords (major, minor, dominant 7th, minor 7th or sus4) in the upper two octaves, triggering RealiBanjo to automatically play authentic banjo patterns (“rolls”) for that chord.

RealiBanjo includes legato note transitions (slides up or down) as well as an Auto-Legato feature that handles typical banjo slides automatically. This Auto-Legato feature can be turned off if desired, in which case legato transitions can still be triggered manual through a keyswitch.

There is a fret position selector to trigger samples higher up the neck, as well as an articulation selector to select between normal notes and mutes.

Realitone RealiBanjo v3.0 KONTAKT screenshotWhat’s new?
– Twice as many patterns!
– Drag & Drop MIDI from RealiBanjo’s interface straight into your DAW, for even more control over your chosen patterns..
– The library is now compatible with the free Kontakt Player.
– Realibanjo will now display in Kontakt’s Libraries tab.
– Downloads and updates will all be handled via Native Instrument’s Native Access software manager.
– The library is now NKS compatible, meaning the instrument can be controlled completely with NKS compatible hardware (such as the Native Instruments S-line of MIDI keyboards) and the Komplete Kontrol software interface.

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