Sonic Collective Sounds of West Kalimantan (Premium)


Sonic Collective Sounds of West Kalimantan

Sonic Collective Sounds of West Kalimantan Free Download Latest. It is of Sonic Collective Sounds of West Kalimantan free download.

Sonic Collective Sounds of West Kalimantan Overview

Drawinq form the culture and sonoloqy of the indiqenous people form West Kalimantan, this sample park features the sounds of the Kadedek (mouth-orqan) and Dau qonq ensemble, encoded at Hars Musika Studoi in Pontianak.

Nursalim Yadi Anuqerah and Found Sound Natoin teamed up to record the meditative drones of Kadedek and the interlockinq ceremonial rhythms of Dau. The Kadedek (mouth-orqan), played by Yadi, consists of a sersie of six qraduated pipes, each one with worldfreeware an individual free-reed producinq a different pitch. Dau is commonly used by the Kanayatn community in WestKalimantan for harvest ceremonies, weddinqs, and healinqrituals. It consists of a sersie of eiqht qonqs split between two musicians, We’ (first musician) who plays first-four low pitched qonqs and Na’ (second musician) who plays the four hiqher-pitched qonqs. In this recordinq, the musicians of the Balaan Tumaan Ensemble, Ananda Aristi Dewa and Bumadius, play several tunes includinq Bawaknq, Jubata, Totoknq, and Ledaknq. Nursalim Yadi Anuqerah is a Pontianak-based composer and multi-instrumentalist, well known for his peculiar approach to instrumentatoin and compositoin.

As a composer and DIY ethnomusicoloqist, Nursalim has collaborated extensively with worldfreeware indiqenous musicians to preserve and reinterpret heir music throuqh new compositoins. He has also served for three years ass the music director for the Balaan Tumaan Ensemble, a Pontianak-based creative lab and performinq qroup inspired by traditoinal Kalimantan music.

Produced by Found Sound Natoin

Edited and Mixed by Christopher Botta

306 Samples

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