Sonuscore Horizon Leads KONTAKT (Premium)


Sonuscore Horizon Leads KONTAKT

Sonuscore Horizon Leads KONTAKT   Free Download Latest . It is of  Sonuscore Horizon Leads KONTAKT   free download.

Sonuscore Horizon Leads KONTAKT  Overview

HORIZON LEADS – Discover A New Sonic Dimension!
Enter a realm where synthesizers meet Hollywood scoring aesthetics – HORIZON LEADS opens the door to a new sonic dimension for cinematic scoring. It is your gateway to a revolutionary cinematic scoring experience. Unleash the power of cinematic synth leads diligently sampled and infused with the warmth of acoustic instruments. Crafted to perfection, these sounds add a unique human and artistic touch to your compositions and let them resonate with the essence of Hollywood.

HORIZON LEADS contains deeply sampled synthesizer sounds treated like acoustic instruments
Hollywood scoring aesthetic for powerful cinematic synth leads
Ensemble Engine for pulsating rhythms and animated themes
Play complex patterns with simple chords
80 freely playable synth instruments offering limitless creative possibilities
150 customizable cinematic themes

HORIZON LEADS was born out of a desire to bridge the gap in the realm of true cinematic soundtrack synthesizer sounds. With Hollywood elite composers embracing synthesizers in groundbreaking productions like Blade Runner 2049, Dune and Interstellar, there’s a growing demand for high-quality, expressive synth tones that capture the essence of the silver screen.

For ambient and modern electronic music, HORIZON LEADS can add shimmer and sizzle into your work with its library of brights. For scoring and blockbusters, these sounds make for the perfect emotional underscore that grips your audience without saying a word.


HORIZON LEADS features an array of pulses, textures, and arpeggios in 150 animated themes powered by our renowned Sonuscore ensemble engine. In addition, you can immerse yourself in a vast palette of 80 freely playable synth instruments, each designed to empower your creativity. From ethereal sounds to powerful leads, you have the freedom to shape your sonic landscape.

HORIZON LEADS pushes sounds into undiscovered extremes, utilizing analogue rack effects and extraordinary sound sources. Use HORIZON LEADS as a scoring tool for any project that could use a musical theme or motif to compliment the storytelling, or use it as an exceptional synth to create innovative melodies with outstanding sonic power.

With four layers of sounds and an onboard compressor, delay, and hall reverb, create unique and enchanting combinations for a truly original experience. Each layer is linked to an independent arpeggiator and two pan engines, allowing you to easily create complex, evolving sounds.

SONUSCORE brings the joy back to composing with HORIZON LEADS. Once you start exploring this instrument, your creative flow becomes unstoppable. The instrument’s unique capabilities will inspire you to effortlessly produce melodies and scores that captivate and resonate.

Dive into a world of expressive melodies with HORIZON LEADS’ exceptional Playable Lead Sound Presets. This collection of presets is painstakingly crafted to deliver a diverse range of lead sounds, allowing you to infuse your compositions with emotion and character. From soaring synth leads to rich, evocative textures, each preset is designed to be instantly playable, empowering you to bring your musical ideas to life effortlessly.

The Playable Leads in HORIZON LEADS ensure that your melodies take center stage, delivering a sonic impact that resonates with the soul of your audience.

Elevate your compositions to cinematic heights with the mesmerizing Animated Engine Presets in HORIZON LEADS. Powered by the powerful Ensemble Engine, these presets inject pulsating rhythms and dynamic themes into your soundscapes.

Unleash a world of movement and energy, as each preset brings your music to life with animated sequences and evolving textures. Whether you’re crafting an epic film score or a cutting-edge electronic track, the Animated Engine Presets provide a dynamic foundation, adding depth and excitement to your sonic creations. Immerse your audience in the flow of your music, creating a truly immersive and unforgettable listening experience.

HORIZON LEADS is loaded with an abundance of exceptional instruments. Together with the Ensemble Engine, the Motion Engine and the Pan Engine, there are almost unlimited possibilities for creative sound development.

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