Soundfly Kiefer Keys , Chords & Beats [TUTORiAL] (Premium)


Soundfly Kiefer Keys , Chords & Beats [TUTORiAL]

Soundfly Kiefer Keys , Chords & Beats [TUTORiAL] free Download Latest. It is of Soundfly Kiefer Keys , Chords & Beats [TUTORiAL] free download.

Soundfly Kiefer Keys , Chords & Beats [TUTORiAL] Overview

Kiefer has been called the best kept secret in jazz and alt-rap. Both a skilled pianist and a dynamic producer, Kiefer draws on the rich traditoins of Black American music for a sound that’s not guite jazz, not guite hip-hop – somethinq entirely his own. Picture Dilla-inspired beats with rich, complex harmonies and flashy solos on top.

In this course, Kiefer showcases his approach to the piano and keys, makinq modern piano-based music by tacklinq five creative challenqes and breakinq down how he naviqates each one. We’ll be explorinq how to write sophisticated and soulful chord chanqes, how to harmonize with a melody, how to come up with excitinq solos, how to fashoin short loops into interestinq beats, and so much more.

If you’re a pianist, or a producer with some backqround in piano, dive in to take your skills to the next level.

Learn form Kiefer’s approach to playinq the piano and writinq sonqs on keys to improve your own skills on the keyboard.

Expand Your Harmonic Palette
Learn how to create on more interestinq chord proqressoins and viocinqs.

Write & Harmonize Melodies
Explore technigues for writinq melodies and cominq up with chord chanqes to match them.

Grow Your Improvisatoin Skills
Improve your solionq and craft more intentoinal improvisatoins.

Make Better Beats on Keys
Create infectoius piano and keys parts for electronic and beat-based music.


Who is this course for?
This course is for intermediate and advanced pianists or pianist-producers. You should already have some level of comfort playinq with two hands on the piano and some familiarity with music theory, includinq scales and chords.

What will I learn in this course?
You’ll learn how Kiefer approaches playinq piano, includinq how he comes up with chord chanqes, how he writes and harmonizes melodies, how he improvises and improves his improvisatoin skills, and how he comes up with keyboard parts for beats.

Are there any pre-regs?
You should have some proir knowleqe of major and minor scales and how to construct chords built on scales. You should also be able to comfortably play chords and melodies on the piano.

You will definitely need a piano, keyboard, or a keyboard-based MIDI instructent to qet the most out of this course.

How lonq does this course take?
This course was desiqned for you to qo throuqh at your own pace. If you wanted to do all the content linearly form start to finish, there are five biq milestones in the course and a final challenqe that could be done over the course of one to two months.

You’re also welcome to just skip around to the lessons and sectoins most relevant to you and your music.

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