Wavelet Audio Secunda KONTAKT (Premium)


Wavelet Audio Secunda KONTAKT

Wavelet Audio Secunda KONTAKT   Free Download Latest . It is of  Wavelet Audio Secunda KONTAKT   free download.

Wavelet Audio Secunda KONTAKT   Overview

Introducing Secunda, a massive toolkit for Kontakt Player based on the mysticism of throat singing that dives into the foggy veil of distant realms. Graced by the presence of the Emperor’s army, Secunda is saturated with the raw, pure power of the human voice. It adds spice to the sound and invites to dive into a vast palette of throat singing, rich in organic textures, ancient vocal harmonics, and massive sonic storytelling instruments.

Wavelet’s Audio Secunda is the perfect instrument for adding depth, crunch, and haunting resonance to any type of sound project – soundtracks, film scores, trailer music, folk music, electronic music, and more. In addition to every detail of throat singing, Secunda also offers a huge amount of organic, modern sound design based directly on the sound of throat singing. The instruments in Secunda have multiple round-robins, velocity layers and real-legato.

Seсunda is a sample library that offers a unique range of sounds, including not only classic Kargyraa-style throat singing, but much more. Seсunda blends throat singing and the human voice with organic acoustic instruments and modern synths to create atmospheric and cinematic instruments.

This sample library represents an amazing combination of the traditional and the innovative, providing sonic material that can enrich any musical project with depth, atmosphere and originality, adding warmth and texture to compositions. Secunda becomes a bridge between ancient traditions and contemporary musical technologies, offering not only tools but also a source of inspiration.

Wavelet Audio Secunda KONTAKT screenshotMAIN
01. Emperor Chant
02. Kargyraa Low & High
03. Drone Atmospheres

01. Complex Kargyyra Phrases
02. Low Kargyraa Phrases 1
03. Low Kargyraa Phrases 2
04. High Kargyraa Phrases
05. Breath & Whisper Phrases 1
06. Breath & Whisper Phrases 2
07. Processed Whisper Loops 1
08. Processed Whisper Loops 2
09. Distorted Loops

01. Hits & Impacts 1
02. Hits & Impacts 2
03. Signature Atmospheres 1
04. Signature Atmospheres 2
05. Signature Calls & Horns 1
06. Signature Calls & Horns 2
07. Braams & Distorted Bass 1
08. Braams & Distorted Bass 2
09. Transitions 1
10. Transitions 2
11. Stomp Designer 32 RR
12. Growls & Screams 1
13. Growls & Screams 2
14. Breaths & Whispers 1
15. Breaths & Whispers 2

01. Augury
02. Blade Dancer
03. Desert’s Awakening
04. Eartheaters
05. For The Emperor
06. Lord’s March
07. Planet Of The Dark
08. Rise of the Sands
09. The Last Ritual
10. Training
11. Usurper
12. Veil of Mirages



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